Cellphone Ban And Restrictions Comes Into Effect Today For Ontario Students!

Ready, set, learn!

Under the ban, students can only use personal mobile devices during instructional time if it is for educational purposes, for health purposes, or for special needs.

With so many distractions with these phones, the aim is to keep focused on school lessons and retaining knowledge.

While some schools already have this ban in place, it will go province wide today, November 4th…


What kids used to do in class before cellphones

We used to pass notes

We used to doddle on our binders

We played with the parachute in gym

Painted your nails with white out or glue

Struggled to stay awake when the overhead projector was on

Playing with your pencil toppers- remember the trolls

Playing with your pencil box that had buttons and that thing where you could change the date

Braiding your friends hair when sitting behind them in class