CFIB Says Postal Deal Fixes Nothing, Provides Only Short Term Relief

Says union has "head in the sand"

Canadian Federation Of Independent Business is happy the threat of a postal strike is over, but doubts the deal will mean a healthy, sustainable postal service. “Small business wants a healthy, sustainable, national Canada Post Corporation. We are disappointed that the tentative deal ignores Canada Post’s out of control pension costs,” said Dan Kelly, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) president. “Instead of compromising to ensure the long-term viability of Canada Post, the union has kept its head buried in the sand on the company’s biggest problem, ensuring we’ll be right back in this same position in two years’ time.” Kelly goes on to say the summer-long uncertainty caused by the lengthy negotiations forced many small businesses to find alternatives with online invoices and payments, and private courier services. It may be that some never return to Canada Post.