Changes Coming To Amber Alert System

Electronic voice improving and more

GauthierThe electronic voice on the new Amber Alert announcements on radio and TV is getting better. So is the wording. And there will soon be French language alerts and alerts sent directly to your smartphone. Amber Alert partners met last week at OPP headquarters in Orillia to outline the improvements. Not changing, says Amber Alert Coordinator Acting Sergeant Pierre Gauthier, are the interruptions to radio and TV programming, and the alerts being issued province-wide, “Just because the abduction happened in one particular location doesn’t mean the person is sticking around the corner. They’re moving. They’re on the move…trying to get away from that scene and we don’t know…which direction they’ve headed in, so that’s why we blanket the entire province.”  A good example of this was the recent child abduction from Aurora. The child and her abductor were eventually found in the Bancroft-area.