New 5 Lane Plan For Highway 26

Ontario is widening 1.6 kilometers of Highway 26 from Sixth Line to Pretty River Parkway to  reduce congestion and improve road safety in Collingwood.

This section of highway will be widened to five lanes including a median shared left turning lane. Other improvements include:

  • Reconstruction and widening of the intersection of Highway 26 and Hume Street/Pretty River Parkway
  • Closure of Sixth Line at Highway 26 with a cul-de-sac and connecting it to Highway 26 via an extension of Sandford Fleming Drive
  • Construction of a recreational trail on the north side and a sidewalk on the south side of Highway 26 between Pretty River Parkway and Marine View Drive.

Officials say upgrading Highway 26 will improve traffic flow to help people get home to their families faster and improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians. The project will begin in spring 2018.