Changes To Auto Insurance Begin Today In Ontario

Should mean lower rates

Could be a nice surprise at your next auto insurance renewal. Auto insurance reforms in Ontario kick-in as of today, bringing premiums in line with the rest of the country (Ontario has had the highest rates of all the provinces). Among other things, the minimum amount of liability coverage has been lowered to $1-million from $2-million – but you can purchase more if you feel the need, and at-fault minor collisions will no longer mean higher rates – depending on the circumstances. The changes will not be reflected in your policy until it’s time to renew. Ceyleste Power of the Insurance Bureau of Canada suggests if you have simply renewed in the past without looking over your policy, you’ll want to ensure you give it at least a once over this time. Click here for more information on the changes.

photo credit: CheapFullCoverageAutoInsurance via Flickr