Channing Tatum Says There Is A New app That’s Making Him Paranoid! 

I think we all assume this?

 I think we all have an understanding about the capability of our phones- we know they are listening to our conversations.

Channing took to instagram over the weekend to express some concerns about an astrology app that he says is listening to him.

In the post on social, he questioned whether his conversations were being heard through the phone by the app’s developers.


He says this is causing him such paranoia that he went to therapy! 


“I was just in therapy yesterday. Yeah, I’m in therapy, whatever. Everybody should be in therapy – and I just get a notification on my phone this morning … using the exact words we were using in therapy,” he said.Channing called out the app site and its people to answer a few questions…In doing so, he managed to crash the site.



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The app, The Pattern- replied saying this; 

“Hey @Channing Tatum!,” they wrote. “Thanks for letting us know you planned on crashing our servers today. We’ll be sliding in your DMs shortly.”