Charlie Gets It Wrong. Her Kids Were Playing Injustice 2

My kid didn't talk to me all day after I took the game away.

My kids got a PS4 for Christmas.  One of the games that they wanted and got was Injustice 2, it’s a superhero game.  While I know about the violence in Call of Duty and other video games, I was unaware of the violence that was in Injustice 2.  Totally my fault for NOT reading the warnings and T for Team, which is a 12+ game.

I figured because it was a superhero game with Batman and Superman it was totally fine.  Charlie got it wrong.  After watching my youngest son play the storyboard portion of the game, I realized that this game was NOT suitable for their ages.

I took the game away with my son screaming and freaking out because they had been playing it for weeks.  Epic mom fail!