Charlie’s Rules for Halloween!

Do you have any Halloween rules to add?

Tuesday night the streets will be flooded with kids out and about trying to get as much candy as they can.  It’s sad, that only on Halloween do we see kids outside… Ha

Halloween has become a much bigger deal than it was 20 years ago.  There are more costume options, more decorations, more candy options and even people who think its fun to dress up their dogs.

These are my rules for Halloween.


Rules for Halloween
If homes run out of candy, you should not start giving out cheese strings or money


Kids are allowed to ring the door bell twice at each house-That’s it


Any manufacturer that makes candy buckets has to ensure that those handles don’t pop off…

Pillow cases don’t count has halloween loot bags


No costume, no candy- End of file


Dogs don’t get to dress up and come out for Halloween. No one wants to pick up tootsie rolls that aren’t wrapped…

Don’t dress as anyone who was arrested this year
If you’re old enough to drive, you’re too old to trick or treat


Don’t accept yellow starburst or green ring pops from your friends- if they are trying to give you the bad candy- they aren’t your friend

Its perfectly acceptable for parents to take a traveller mug on the journey tripping the street with kids…