Check Out How INSANE Dr. Phil’s Home Looks!

It's up for grabs if you've got a casual 5.75 MILLION to burn.

This has been an interesting week so far, but one of the craziest stories has to be Dr. Phil’s house.

Look I KNOW that sounds silly, but believe me, after looking at these pictures you’ll AGREE.

The massive Beverly Hills complex will be sold through a family trust, but you’ll be looking at a 6,170 sq foot home.

Five bedrooms, six full bathrooms, a pool, outdoor kitchen and a very, very weird inside.

Like just straight up weird.

The place is currently inhabited by Phil’s son, Jordan who just finished a tour with the Jonas Brothers.

But… well… um…



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what on god’s green earth… Are those vines and GUNS?!?!

Apparently the guns are “fake and bent” to be anti-violence?

Dude no. This looks like what a wannabe super-villain’s home looks like.

The McGraw Family Trust’s living room is shown in this real estate photo.

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Oh god, this is just… all over the place…

A recreation room is shown in this image from a real estate listing.

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I’m just… out of words.


Would you buy it if you could?