Check Out This Fresh Food Vending Machine!

Close by in Mansfield

Maple Grove Farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Mulmur, in Dufferin County. They grow strawberries, asparagus, raspberries, pumpkins; produce maple syrup, sell eggs and more! In strawberry season, they sell a strawberry maple sap drink that is divine!

Recently, they added a Farm Box to their offerings. What is a Farm Box? It’s fresh food vending machine!

They stock the refrigerated vending machine with fresh produce and you can buy it just as you would a chocolate bar at a traditional vending machine.

My family and I went on a little road trip just to see this and enjoy the novelty of buying lettuce and strawberries and maple syrup from a machine. My children LOVED it!

When we were there, most of the produce was sourced from the US but, as the growing season is getting into full swing in Ontario, Maple Grove Farms is stocking the machine with more and more of their own produce and other produce from Ontario!


Our own fresh picked rhubarb is now available in the Farm Box! #maplegrovefarm #radiantrhubarb #maplegrovefarmbox #farmfresh #goodthingsgrowinontario #mansfield #roadsidestand #freshfromthefield @ Mansfield

Posted by Maple Grove Farm on Thursday, May 28, 2020


After a long week of scorching heat, many of our newly planted strawberries needed to be replaced. This morning Chris…

Posted by Maple Grove Farm on Saturday, May 30, 2020

You can find the Farm Box in Mansfield. It’s on the south side of the little village on Airport Road.

It accepts coins, debit and credit.