Cheerios Updates Holiday Commercial from 1991 with Original Grandmother And Now Grown up Child!

It’s a Cheerios Reboot!

Back in 1999, Cheerios aired a heartwarming spot featuring a grandmother chatting with an infant about traveling to spend Christmas with family.

As the baby sits in a highchair, the grandma, played by actress Peggy Miley, describes where various family members live using Cheerios to map out the locations. The baby looks on hoping to grab one of the cereal pieces to snack on.

The underlying message to the sweet clip was the importance of being with family during the holidays.


Cheerios has since updated the commercial for 2020 and enlisted Miley and the now grown-up baby, Delfina Booth, to reprise their roles.


The new version starts with a shot of a Christmas ornament featuring an image of the grandmother and baby from the original commercial. It then moves on to show the adult granddaughter chatting with her granny over video chat.