Chicken Nugget Tweet Breaks Twitter Record


3,430,249 down, 14, 569, 751 to go.

Back in April, Carter Wilkerson tweeted a question to Wendy’s corporate twitter account. The teenager from Reno, Nevada wanted to know how many retweets he’d need to earn himself a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. Wendy’s reply was swift…and steep.

Carter’s tweet quickly went viral, racking up 1 million retweets in two days. He snagged himself retweets from many other major brands, like Apple Music, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Twitter itself, and celebrities as well.

Carter’s tweet broke the record for most retweets ever when he reached 3,430,249 retweets on Tuesday. The previous record was held by Ellen Degeneres, who set it with her 2014 Oscar selfie.

Once Wendy’s heard that Carter had broken the record, they decided to award him the year’s supply of nuggets, despite the fact that he was 14 million RT’s short. They also donated  $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

(Photo courtesy of Carter Wilkerson/Twitter)