Chris Rock Asked Show Goers To Lock Their Phones Up!

New phone case doesn't allow you to access your phone during a show.

Chris Rock did a show at the ACC this past weekend, and those who attended were forced to put their phones in a Yondr pouch. He is one of many celebrities enforcing this practice.

This is a phone case that seals your phone in, allowing you to keep it with you but doesn’t let you check the text, take pictures or anything. This little pouch forces people to pay attention.

Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, and many other comedians are renting these cases from Yondr in an effort to protect their material from being leaked online…

What is a Yondr case?

According to their website:
“The Yondr case is a fabric pouch equipped with a magnetic lock that activates once inside a designed “cellphone-free” space. The only way to unlock it is to have a venue staff member tap it to a base station, much like a cashier would remove the security tag from an item of clothing.”