Chucky Gets A New Voice In The Reboot!

Oh good, not only is Chucky coming back to haunt us, our kids will never sleep again!

The doll that haunted our dreams as children and still gives us shivers when we think about it is getting a remake!  (Remember how scary Chucky was than, imagine what he’s gonna look like now)

Mark Hamill (Star Wars) will play the voice of the evil doll in the Child’s play remake!  Other actors already cast are Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, and Brian Tyree Henry.  The plot of the movie centres around a boy who was given the doll by his single mother.  They are unaware at first that the doll is evil!

in the film about a single mother who gives her son a doll possessed by an evil spirit.  This movie is based on the original from 1988. 

Brad Dourif was the original voice of Chucky is the first and six sequels that followed! The trailer looks terrifying- same producers are “It.”