City Of Barrie Naming Streets After “South Park,” and “The Simpsons”

How cool would it be to live on 21 Jump Street!

City Of Barrie is naming streets after “South Park,” and “The Simpsons.”  There is a new housing development going up near the Young Go station in the south end of Barrie and it looks like eight new streets being constructed may have some familiar names!

Two current streets are already being renamed to South Park Lane and Evergreen Terrace (The Simpsons.)

The reason for this is simple, city staff hope to get neighbours interacting about their street names- says Coun. Sergio Morales, who pushed for the changes…A full list of names will be revealed later this year! Until than- What would be a fun name for the new streets?

Here are some famous TV Streets!


Wisteria Lane- Desperate Housewives
21 Jump Street
Paper Street- Fight club!
Elm Street- A Nightmare on Elm Street
Baker Street- Sherlock Holmes
Sesame Street
Coronation Street