City Tackling Mapleview & Bayview Gridlock

Stepped Up Police Enforcement Among Plans To Ease Traffic Jams

The city is taking steps to keep you from getting stuck at problem intersection in south Barrie. Councillors voted Monday evening to have city staff work with Barrie Police in finding ways of mitigating the gridlock at Mapleview and Bayview Drives. A pilot project is on the table, calling for the painting of lines on the inside of the intersection, with stepped-up police enforcement within that box. This would be similar to a pilot project seen in Toronto – a “Don’t Block the Box” campaign at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor Streets. City staff will also work with area businesses in seeing if there are any alternate routes commercial traffic can take. Blocking an intersection could earn you an “Interfere With Traffic” ticket from police, along with a $65 fine, according to Barrie Police.