Clearview Gets Transit Kudos At AMO Conference

Township Recognized for Putting Gas Tax Proceeds To Good Use

Clearview Township is the latest local government to get a little recognition from the annual meeting of Ontario municipalities.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario has recognized Clearview Township at  this year’s conference, for its slick use of the federal Gas Tax.

The AMO awarded the township the Gas Tax Award over its use of the funds to create a new local public transit. Clearview Mayor Chris Vanderkruys says the Gas Tax not only made the transit system possible, but will allow for future growth

“The current route only serves a community of 4,500 residents, but ridership has grown to a consistent level of over 1,000 riders per month. Investing in transit with assistance of the federal Gas Tax Fund will allow the municipality to enhance the service over time as our community continues to grow. We are also actively working on plans to expand service to other urban and rural areas of the Township.”

The federal Gas Tax fund provides a stable source of money for municipal infrastructure like transit. Ontario municipalities, except Toronto, receive funding twice a year from the AMO, on a per capita basis. Over $640 million will be dispursed by year’s end.