Coffee May Help You Lose Weight!

Some news to perk you up!

Nutritionist Sarah Flowers says that you should be drinking coffee first thing in the morning to “boost both concentration and energy levels” but also to aid weight loss.

Coffee can boost your metabolism and your metabolic rate which basically stimulates the body to help burn more fat.

Coffee also contains chlorogenic acid which helps to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, as well as stimulating the hormone Epinephrine, which helps to break down fat’.

The nutritionist explains this is true if drinking real coffee. Not your sugary lattes and mocha frappuccinos!

Most of us need a few cups to make it through the day, its the first-morning cup- first things that get the organs moving!

And the fat burning effect diminishes the more coffee you have and you could become intolerant to its effects, so it is actually better to choose your coffee wisely and drink only a cup or two per day to enjoy all the benefits.’