Coldplay WILL NOT Tour Next Year, For The MOST Coldplay Reason Ever

It doesn't take a Scientist to see why the band is staying In My Place.

Coldplay made headlines earlier today for the most COLDPLAY reason ever.

Not dissing, they are one of the biggest bands in the world, BUT, you cannot deny the influence of Chris Martin’s tomfoolery in this.

During an interview with BBC, Martin stated that the band won’t be hitting the road over the next year, maybe even two because?

They want to make sure the tour is “environmentally beneficial”.

I completely understand and am for more HUGE artists trying to be more conscious of their environmental impact, but man. You’ve gotta admit that this is a tad funny.

Many pointed out on Twitter this fact:

Yikes. Nice Chris & company.

Coldplay’s new album Everyday Life hits shelves tomorrow!

What do you think? Are the band making a good choice, or just doing it for clicks? Comment below!