College Classes Resume Tuesday

Back-to-work legislation passed at Queen's Park

Community college classes will resume tomorrow after back-to-work legislation was passed yesterday at Queen’s Park. Students will find academic completion plans will vary by course and program. Faculty will share detailed information regarding course content, assignments, tests, exams and work experience.

The updated semester dates are as follows:

  • Classes continue to Dec. 22.
  • The holiday break for students is Saturday, Dec. 23 to Sunday, Jan. 7.
  • Fall semester classes will resume Jan. 8.
  • The fall semester will conclude Jan. 12.
  • There will be no classes for most programs the week of Jan. 15 to 19 so faculty can mark and provide grades.
  • The winter semester begins Jan. 22.
  • Instead of winter Study Week, students will get two study days that will allow for four-day weekends:
    • Tuesday, Feb. 20
    • Thursday, March 29
  • The winter semester will be extended by one week, concluding on April 27. There is no impact to the summer semester.