Comedian Goes After “Scientific” Little Mermaid

"You ain't got no problem with an evil octopus stealing her voice away"

A couple weeks ago, a rumour came out that Zendaya had been offered the part of Ariel in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid.
Comedian KevOnStage saw a comment that just made him roll his eyes so he addressed it in a hilarious video.  The OP said “I have nothing against a black little mermaid, but science does not support this.” This commenter went on to say that, because the mermaids live under the water and don’t get a lot of sunlight, they would not have had to evolve dark skin to protect from the sunlight.

KevOnStage says,

You ain’t got no problem with an evil octopus stealing her voice away… What does SCIENCE say about your voice being a golden ball!?

And he goes on to eviscerate other fandoms, like Star Wars:

The thing that is crazy about it is it’s ALL FICTION!  But people get all worked up. Star Wars people are the WORST. They don’t want no women and no Asian. They forced the lead of Force Awakens and the Asian girl… they forced them both of social media.

An Asian woman bothers you and a woman lead bothers you but all them  aliens  all speaking English all over the Galaxy doesn’t bother you…

KevOnStage’s response is great and so are the comments on the video.

I love the commenters pointing out that while the OP thinks he’s so scientific, he doesn’t know the difference between “melanin” and “melatonin”. And then the science teacher chimes in!

But, perhaps one of the best discussions I’ve seen in a comments section: would mermaids even wear bras?

Conclusion? Mermaids would probably not wear or need bras but if they did, woven kelp would make more sense than shells. Oh, and mermaids can be any colour you want them to be!