Coming Soon: Man-Bun Ken

Say it ain't so!

Over a year ago, Mattel gave Barbie a major makeover and, now, it’s Ken’s turn. It truly is an overdue makeover and, boy, is it trendy! Man Bun Ken, is totally a thing.

Ok, his name is actually “Distressed Denim Doll“…. but he’s not going to shake the Man Bun label!

Will this doll age as well as Totally Hair Ken? Probably. By which I mean, this Ken doll will be firmly dated as a mid-2010s toy the way Totally Hair Ken can only be early-1990s!

Mattel’s Lisa McKnight, who oversees the Barbie line, tells USA TODAY“We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation.”
Like the Barbie makeover, the guys will have different body sizes, hair styles and a modern wardrobe. Which is great so long as you don’t try to dress Totally Hair Ken in clothes from this makeover- won’t fit! (Can you tell I had a Totally Hair Ken? I recently passed all my old Barbies along to my daughter. )

What do you think of the new looks? Some of these will be available soon while others will be ready for the holiday season in December. 

Here’s the very first Ken, by the way. Add some trendy clothes and he could almost fit in with this new makeover.

First Ken Doll, 1961.
Image: Mattel
Photographer: Paul Jordan
Stylist: Mary Jordan, Zlatan Zukanovic

(More Ken doll styles.)