Common Sense Reasons To Wear A Face Mask!


We could find out Tuesday afternoon if wearing masks in indoor public spaces will be mandatory in Simcoe Muskoka.

Learn more at   While many of us have already adopted this practice for the safety of others, there are still people who don’t.


Dale & Charlie have come up with a few funny common-sense reasons to wear a mask!


Common sense is like deodorant…The people who need it the most never use it…

Masks protect you from coronavirus, but they also protect you from running into people you know in public.  Add sunglasses and you are literally in disguise.

Pregnant women are spending hours in a mask giving birth- surely the rest of us can handle a mask for 20 minutes.

Thanks to mask, your b***h face can finally rest!

People are embarrassed to wear a mask in public, but still, they’re wearing Fila shoes, or crocs in public

If I can wear a bra- you can wear a mask!


Try wearing a mask, you may find that you look better wearing one!