Community Give and Get Anticipating Higher Need When They Can Re-Open

Charity brings much needed support to low-income individuals and families needing a helping hand.

Glowing Hearts Community Give and Get is like a thrift shop but, you don’t have to pay. Donations of clothes, toys and household items are put out in the shop and those who need them can take them. This community resource, at 80 Bradford St. in Barrie, is closed right now to keep the volunteers and the public safe.

However, the Director is working with other community resources to get many of the items to those in need using contactless pickups/drop-offs.

Here are two ways you can help:

First, if you are able to donate money, that will help Glowing Hearts cover costs. 100% of their operations costs come from donations. Glowing hearts has said that “Although we are struggling, we are very blessed to be housed in a building run by a team of people who continue to go above and beyond to help us” but they need to make sure they are around for when things go back to normal and more people need their help. With an anticipated greater need, they will need more donated items. 

The second thing you can do is keep them in mind as you do some sorting and purging at your home. If you have good quality clothes and household items that could help someone in the future, hang on to them and donate to Glowing Hearts for the Community Give and Get.

For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.


We completely understand that times are difficult and uncertain right now. If you are capable, and would like to help…

Posted by Glowing Hearts Community Give & Get Centre – Barrie on Monday, April 20, 2020


Text of the post above reads:

The Glowing Hearts team wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those giving their time and hard work in order to provide for our community. Although we remain closed to the public, our executive director is working with other community resources in order to provide items in desperate need to those most vulnerable using contactless pickups/drop-offs. A heartfelt thank you to the charitable and non-profit organizations assisting our most vulnerable. We know these are trying times for everyone, and we ask that if possible, you keep in mind that many of these places rely heavily on donations from the public in order to remain open. 100% of our revenue is made from donations (mostly on-site), and fundraising events. Although we are struggling, we are very blessed to be housed in a building run by a team of people who continue to go above and beyond to help us. We are aware that once this pandemic is over and we begin to integrate into our new “normal” lives, thousands of additional clients will need our help and we are doing everything in our power to be ready for that time. Thank you for your diligence in following government guidelines and regulations, for your support of the people working hard to keep us safe and functioning, and for your ongoing support and community involvement in social media events and fundraisers to assist the charities helping people who would be lost without all of you! A little love goes a long way and we are so grateful for our community and their messages of positivity!