Condom Sales Are Down as COVID-19 Keeps Hookups On Lockdown

People are taking matters into their own hands-literally!

Looks like the condom companies are the latest victims of the coronavirus.

Since lockdowns began around the world, sales have taken a dive as isolation is causing people to stay home with their pants on.

This pandemic has taken a toll on the number of intimate occasions and Durex has been forced to shut down its production of the contraceptives for now.

Due to this pandemic youth and people around the world are having less hanky panky than before.

Here’s the interesting part, the virus isn’t just affecting casual hookups (where there’s a need for condoms) but in general, people are having less sex.

And couples who stay together, don’t always lay together as sites like Ashley Madison are reporting huge sign ups with people looking for cyber affairs.

While condom companies aren’t producing as much now and sales are down, they aren’t overly worried, as in China, the demand appears to be bouncing back- people making up for lost time.