Cookie Monster is getting a cooking segment on Sesame Street!

Me love cookies!

There has been some debate over cookie monster over the last few years, as the adorable blue monster has been promoting cookies for his entire life; clearly not a healthy choice…

So how does Sesame Street teach kids about eating fruits and veggies with a character named cookie monster? You give him a food truck!

Your Sesame Street episode will now have a 5-minute “Cookie Monster Foodie Truck segment, and Cookie Monster has a new pal along for the ride. A new sidekick, a fuzzy, bright-pink pal in a chef’s hat named Gonger.

The segment will have the muppets create food with key ingredients which you will learn about. For example cranberries. “Where are we going to get those? Let’s go to a cranberry bog!” they might say. Off they go, to a live-action shot in a cranberry bog to retrieve the ingredient of the day.