Cops Chase Down Two Wanted Men In Seven Minutes Flat

Pair Accused of Touring Through Barrie In A Stolen Ride

A seven minute game of cat and mouse ended with two men in handcuffs.

It all started around lunchtime Tuesday, when an officer on patrol tried to pull a vehicle over on Blake Street, suspecting the driver had a suspended licence. Once the flashing lights were turned on, the vehicle allegedly sped off, refusing to stop.

Officers tracked down the suspect vehicle about 4 minutes later, abandoned at an apartment complex on Codrington Street. A witness told police where the two men ran off, while officers discovered at the same time that vehicle was stolen.

A search of the area turned up two suspects. One allegedly ran, but was chased down in short order. Both the 34-year-old driver from Orillia, and the 36-year-old Severn Township man in the passenger seat were charged with Possession of Stolen Property over the hot car, while the driver is facing a few additional charges. Police say he was high on meth by the time they got him to the lockup.

Police say, from the moment the squad car activated its flashing lights to when the two men were cuffed, a mere seven minutes had passed.