Cops Claim a Man Pulled a Gun That Wasn’t Real To End a Fight That Wasn’t His

Innisfil Man Charged After Police Say He Brandished an Air Pistol

An Innisfil man is facing charges for allegedly getting involved in someone else’s battle. South Simcoe Police say there was a street fight on Park Road in Innisfil around 4:30 Monday afternoon, over accusations one guy stole from another. A random, unrelated individual allegedly pulled up to the large crowd forming around the fight, and pulled a gun on them to intervene. Police say he tossed the gun in a field and took off. That weapon ended up being an air pistol, but the criminal charges laid make no distinction, the 20-year-old Innisfil man is facing a few charges. Meanwhile, one of the two guys involved in the scuffle has been arrested too.