‘Cops’ Officially Cancelled After More Than 30 Years On Air

Paramount announced that the show will not return to its networks.

At first, ‘Cops’ was pulled temporarily from TV after nationwide protest against police brutality following the killing of George Floyd on May 25th. 


“Cops” originally launched on Fox in 1989 and has come under fire in recent years for how it depicts law enforcement and questionable behind the scenes practices.

Cops (FOX) Fall 1997 Shown: Cops in action


A pod cast by Dan Taberski, called “Running from Cops,” has been calling out the show for misconduct detailing instances where people were coerced into signing waivers and how production allows police to edit and remove anything that might paint them in a negative light.


Fox aired ‘Cops’ for 25 years with “American’s Most Wanted’ following.  This pairing ran on Saturday night for 14 years back to back before “Most Wanted” was cancelled around 2011.


“Cops” was picked up by Paramount Network (originally Spike TV) in 2013.