Corey Feldman Names First Alleged Abuser

Watch Cory open up to Dr. Oz.

Corey Feldman is naming names…. He has called out is first alleged, molester.

Cory announced last week that he would call out the “pedophilia ring” that’s been a part of Hollywood for decades.

Thursday during an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show Cory called out a man by the name John Grissom.  John Grissom is an actor who appeared in Licence to Drive in 1988 and Dream a Little Dream with Feldman in 1989.


Cory Feldman actually called the LAPD on the Dr. Oz show to report the alleged John Grissom crime. Cory did file a report in 1993 with the Santa Barbra Police but, the department says Cory did not name names than…