Corona Beer Production Has Shut Down…

The coronavirus has caused production of Corona Beer to shut down-for now anyways

The breweries are Not shutting down because of the fake rumours that began circulating at the beginning of the pandemic that the beer was the cause of the virus…


The company that brews Corona Beer in Mexico, Grupo Modelo, says the country’s lockdown measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 has forced the closing of its factories that makes the beer.  Mexico, like many other countries declared a health emergency this week and stopped all non essential services amid the crisis.


The beer company’s 11 breweries are deemed non essential businesses forcing them to shut down and to stop exports of Corona to 180 countries worldwide.


But not to worry Corona lovers, the company says that everything will be left as is, so when they get the green light to reopen- they can quickly start making the beer again.


Again, just to be clear- There is no link between the beer and the virus. Obviously.