Costco has a $1000 emergency food kit that will keep you fed for a year!

Costco is helping us prepare!

What happens if snowmageddon or a massive ice storm hits us, or those in a hurricane zone; or perhaps you’re convinced that the walk dead could happen.

Never fear, as Costco has us covered… They have a 1-year emergency food kit that comes with 6,200 servings of food.

The food kit offered enough meals with enough calories, 1,200 per day for one adult for one year. The company that offers this says,

“The kit features grains, dairy and freeze-dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Items include cans of red wheat, instant rice, dehydrated apples, freeze-dried sweet corn, lentils, chicken and beef. There’s also sugar and salt because taste is important … even during the apocalypse.”


The company is Nutristore, and it also sells a premium kit for about $6,000- best for a family it appears…