Costco Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

Now you'll be looking for a price that ends in 7...

If you’re a regular Costco shopper like me, you enter knowing what you need and where it’s located but naturally we get distracted along the way.

The slightest distraction from a prepared list at Costco can lead to the unplanned purchase of large items and these tips will help with that…

  • Prices that end in a (7) are the absolute lowest price Costco offers.
  • Any tag with an asterisk, (*) means the item may not be there by your next visit.
  • There are no aisle signs which allows Costco to move items anywhere they want.
  • No aisle signs also means more of a shopping hunt for us, Costco knows this.
  • Thank you for the free samples.
  • Thank you for the $1.50 hot dog/drink combo.

I do have one personal request, how about shopping carts with power steering? After 2 cases of water, box of kitty litter and a bag of water softener salt those carts are tough to turn.

Thanks to Today’s Parent for the tips!