Cottage? Campsite? What About An RV?

The possibilities...and the road...are endless

Maybe you like the idea of camping, but not the tent. A cottage rental might be appealing, but it’s not really your space. Maybe….you like the freedom of the open road and something new from one year to the next, even one week to the next. Maybe…you need a recreational vehicle or RV. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Wheelchair accessible? Sure. Take you where you want to go? Absolutely. We sat down with Tom Stoate, Presdient of The Hitch House on Highway 11 – a mainstay in the region for decades. He gave us the basics of RVing and invited everyone to a huge RV show and sale April 21 to 30 at The Hitch House.

Click on the interview below to learn more about RVing, if it really is for you, and for more details on the upcoming show and sale.

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