Could the El Chapo family be the next big reality stars?

According to Page Six, El Chapo’s wife could be America’s next great reality star.   […]

According to Page Six, El Chapo’s wife could be America’s next great reality star.   Page Six is reporting that Emma Coronel Aispuro, who married the drug lord at 18,  is in talks with television channel Investigation Discovery to star on a reality show called “Sand by Your Con.” The show would be “about women and the fugitives they love.” Not unlike the many “Real Housewives” series. An insider told Page Six, “Ideally, they would love for her to host and help produce it in order to make it more appealing to an international audience. The station is already looking to reach out to the Charles Manson Family and Mark David Chapman’s wife.


CHARLIE SHEEN is raising awareness for HIV and AIDS . . . something that would’ve seemed VERY unlikely six months ago. Charlie revealed that he had HIV on November 17th, and a study shows that just after that, there were a ton of HIV-related Google searches . . . the most since 2004.  And more than a million of them involved public health-related information. In all, there were three million more HIV-related searches than usual before Charlie’s announcement.  The public health-related searches included terms like ‘condoms,’ ‘HIV symptoms’ and ‘HIV testing.’ and By-the-way; Charlie Sheen is now blaming his testosterone cream for his “tiger blood” rants.


We now have a movie rating for Batman Vs Superman…. Rated-R....(in home video) Movie is out in Theatres March 25th with a PG-13 rating…Now considering how well Deadpool is doing with this rating-maybe it will be ok… Back in September the ratings board gave the shorter version of Batman Vs Superman a PG-13 rating-but with the bonus material running at 2 hours and 31 minutes- the board came back with an R…


Last year, it was announced that Top Model would come to an end after 22 Cycles. Tyra even took to Twitter back in October to deliver the sad news to fans of the show. But thankfully, it was announced today that the series would be picked up by VH1, and it’s going to be reinvented. The show will be returning to its roots, so it’ll be filmed in NYC. Just like season 1. The only sad news is that Tyra won’t be returning as the host, but she will continue to serve as executive producer.