Could Video Gaming Soon Become An Olympic Sport?

Could you imagine Fortnite at the Olympics?

The IOC is hosting an eSports forum in hopes of better understanding the competitive gaming industry.  The ICO released a statement that reads;

“We understand that sport never stands still and the phenomenal growth of eSports and gaming is part of its continuing evolution,” GAISF president Patrick Baumann said in a statement. “The eSports Forum provides an important and extremely valuable opportunity for us to gain a deeper understanding of eSports, their impact and likely future development so that we can jointly consider the ways in which we may collaborate to the mutual benefit of all of sport in the years ahead.”

There are more than 250 Million Competitive gaming players around the world in a market worth over a billion dollars annually.


Here is a list of some rejected Sports by the Olympics! 


Sports climbing

Believe it or not- these are actual sports that used to be a part of the Olympic games

Tug-of-war last played in 1920

Alpinism (mountain climbing) last played in the 30’s
Arts competition last played in 1948
Cricket last played in 1900
Croquet last played in 1900
Lacrosse last played in 1908
Motorboating last played in 1908

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