UPDATE: Council Didn’t Wait To Decide on Wasaga Distribution Inc.

Final Vote on Sale of Power Utility Was To Take Place July 18th, Held Twelve Days Early

July 6th – Wasaga Beach council has voted early. Council members, meeting on an unrelated matter today, decided that residents of Wasaga Beach have spoken loud enough, that no further debate or discussion was needed. A unanimous vote means the town will keep WDI and grow the local utility company. “The people of Wasaga Beach have spoken loud and clear about their desire to retain ownership of our utility provider,” Mayor Brian Smith said. “Council has heard the message and acted accordingly. Given all we now know, we did not see any sense in delaying our course of action.”

June 28thWasaga Beach will decide on the future of Wasaga Distribution Inc. in a July 18th meeting. It was decided at Tuesday night’s council meeting that there’s more than enough public input and information to come to a decision on the potential sale of the power utility, that only the one meeting is needed to make a yay or a nay vote now. That will happen three Tuesdays from now, at the RecPlex.