Couple Takes Wedding Photos for 60th Anniversary in their Original Wedding Attire

The bride made her own dress!

In Nebraska, Kate Autry Photography captured beautiful photographs of a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary. If that’s not sweet enough, Marvin and Lucille wore the same outfits they wore on their wedding day!

Check out the photos in this post from Kate Autry:

I had the pleasure of working with Marvin and Lucille to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary . This may be one of…

Posted by Katie Autry Photography on Thursday, August 20, 2020


The couple told their photographer that the secrets to a long marriage are:

1. Work hard

2. Be kind to one another

3. Think before you speak

4. Rely on each others strengths to overcome your weakness

5. Stay strong in your faith

My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this July. The plan was to go to Old Quebec City for a week but, instead, we had a weekend to ourselves with our two children staying with my parents. What I wanted most was to get into our wedding attire and take new photos. My husband had rented his Morning Suit from Moores and we weren’t organized to make it happen again. But I wore my wedding dress, which was hand-made in Barrie by Paula Drouillard.

We went to …the local dog park (!) found some open shade and set up the tripod to take our own photos. It was fun! I want to do it again, every decade!


Here are some of our 2010/2020 photos:
My lace sleeves were hand tatted in Alliston by a lovely Dutch woman. I took them off after the wedding so as not to lose them but didn’t sew them back on for our ‘retakes’.
My original wedding flowers were designed by my beat friend and created by Sobeys in Alliston. Foodland in Tottenham has remade the bouquet a few times for us now on our anniversaries.
Title Image: Kate Autry Photography/ Facebook