Cousin Eddie arrested again in Montreal!

Randy Quaid has said he is being detained by Canadian border agents and threatened with […]

Randy Quaid has said he is being detained by Canadian border agents and threatened with deportation over a longstanding property dispute with California officials. Quaid has been seeking permanent residency in Canada and has been living with his wife Evi, a dual Canadian-US citizen, in Montreal for three years. He said a Canada Border Services officer arrested him when he checked in with the agency on Tuesday morning as required after his application for permanent residency was rejected. Quaid had sought asylum in Canada in 2010, claiming that business associates sought to harm him, but was arrested in Vancouver in 2010 over what he has said is an outstanding warrant connected with a Santa Barbara property dispute.


Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! The cast of Rocky Horror Picture show is celebrating their 40th anniversary with a REUNION! The catchy camp-cult musical first aired in 1975 and is still running strong. Some theatres will be playing the movie over the Halloween weekend….


Jennifer Lopez will host her first awards show….JLo is set to host the 2015 American Music Awards on November 22nd…The star will also use the opportunity to showcase some material from her upcoming Las Vegas shows.


The friendship forged between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon lasted far beyond their time on the set of Cruel Intentions! Speaking to ET on Wednesday, Sarah revealed that she and Reese have remained close, especially since their kids have become besties. There was recently an on-stage musical revival of Cruel Intentions….


Justin Bieber’s “little Bieber” is on the internet! so while staying at a nice beachside villa somewhere in Bora Bora, he decided to go for a swim. Naked. Fully frontal naked. Apparently worth googling…. Conspiracy theories already suggest that although this resort is suppose to be very private for celebs… Justin new the paparazzo were there…


The nominees for the 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are in, and for the fourth consecutive year, the public gets to vote alongside the artists, historians and music industry insiders of the Rock Hall voting body. Nominees include Nine Inch Nails, N.W.A, the Smiths, Deep Purple, Janet Jackson, Chic, Steve Miller, Chicago, Chaka Khan, the Spinners, Cheap Trick, the Cars, the J.B.’s, Los Lobos and Yes. In order to be eligible for this year’s ballot, artists or bands need to have released their first single or album in 1990 or earlier.


Jackass star Steve-O has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for climbing at least 100 feet up a crane in Hollywood in a protest against SeaWorld. Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, received the sentence after pleading no contest to misdemeanor trespassing and illegal use of fireworks, Los Angeles City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan said. Glover said in a statement the sentence makes sense because ‘if your goal is to make a statement about captivity, you may as well get yourself locked up!’.


Kate Middleton and Prince William have enforced a no-fly zone over their new home in a bid to protect their family’s private life over Christmas. The royal couple have been given permission by the Civil Aviation Authority to ban all aircraft which includes drones from coming within 1.5 miles of their home in Anmer Hall for the next three months. No aircraft is to fly below 2,000ft within the no-fly zone. Exemptions include the Queen’s own helicopter, and any aircraft which is being flown by a royal or a guest of Sandringham House or Anmer Hall who have been given permission to land.