COVID-19 Doesn’t Appear To Be Stopping Those Looking For Love

According to a new study, those looking for love or a hook up are still actively online.

In fact, according to, the dating app has seen an increase in user based on data collected between Boxing Day of 2019 and this past Valentine’s day 2020.  The study shows that the outbreak has actually got more people using the apps.

According to the research which surveyed 5,000 users, about a quarter (25.6%) of them said that they were motivated by the spread of COVID-19.  Other just registered because Valentine’s Day made them feel lonely or helped them find casual encounters.


The study was conducted at’s request because they noticed an unusual spike in new registration on or just after Valentine’s day.  The company says they do see an increase in users after Valentine’s day, but only for a short period before it tapers off, however Match says they continue to see its users go up.