Crayola Launches Colourful Hand Sanitizers For Kids Amid COVID Pandemic

Why not make sanitizer colourful and fun for kids! (And adults)

Crayola has launched a “collection of hand sanitizers in classic, fun packaging with traditional Crayola colours” to encourage children to clean their hands.


The colourful sanitizers are tinted in “razmatazz” red, “forest green,” “blue bell,” and “goldenrod” yellow, per the press release, which are achieved using food dye.


It’s made with 75% ethyl alcohol, so in addition to looking pretty, they also meet the CDC standards.

Each hand sanitizer comes in a crayon-shaped and squeezable bottle making it fun and easy to use. They also come with a matching holder that can be easily clipped onto a backpack for easy reach.


The hand sanitizers are available in packs of four or eight on Amazon. Prices start at $12.99. You can also snag 24-count packs of the 2-oz bottle.