Creative mom gets back at her son in the best way.

Holding it down for moms everywhere.

Connor Cox is attending college in Maryland and like many kids away from home for the first time Connor gets a care package from his adoring mother. Usually this is a good thing until Connor received a box in the mail that was filled with garbage!

“I got two boxes and I opened one and it had food in it and I realized there wasn’t food in the other one,” Cox told ABC News this week. “It was a bunch of trash, tissues [and] soda cans.”

Reasonably confused Connor quickly called his mom and asked her to explain.
“Did you send me the wrong package? Why did you send me this?’” Cox recalled saying to her. “”[She said,] ‘No, that’s the trash you were supposed to take out.’”

Connor Cox put the image on Twitter and it quickly went viral.