Crokicurl: The Most Canadian Game Ever

Why didn't someone think of this genius game earlier?!

Now this is a Canadian game I could actually have a shot at winning! If hockey isn’t your thing either, Crokicurl might be!

A couple of architects in Winnipeg have come up with this genius way of combining crokinole and curling.

I used to play crokinole all the time with my grandma growing up…remember this old chestnut?

Image via Lee Valley

And I’ve never done curling before but I think my crokinole experience should be sufficient!

Image via Ollie On The Move –

It’s essentially this massive outdoor game that you play on ice called Crokicurl and it’s all set up and read to go along Winnipeg’s Red River at The Forks plaza. We’ve GOT to get one of these made in Barrie or else I’m flying to Winnipeg!


Best part: it’s FREE!

Read more about it here.

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