Cutting Back On Red Meat Will Help Us Save The Planet!

Eat more fruits and veggies to save ourselves!

Researchers say that by 2050 unless our food habits change, the earth is heading towards about 11 million preventable deaths due to our consumption of certain foods!  Experts say that eating healthier and changing our habits can help reduce the damaging effects of climate change!

In order for us to succeed, this is what we are going to have to do:

We are going to have to change our diet drastically.  For example:  We are to reduce our intake to 29 grams of chicken per/day which is equivalent to one and a half nuggets.

Just 28 grams of fish, that’s a quarter of a medium size fillet!  If you like eggs, you will have to limit your intake to 1.5 eggs per/week.

And red meat and sugar consumption will have to be cut in half by all of us…  Food-waste would also need to be cut in half….

If we can do this, adults death rates would be reduced by around 24%.