The CW is Remaking Nancy Drew and Fans are Upset

Fans complain that another classic for children is being made dark and sexual.

What were your favourite things to read as a child?

We inherited a large pile of Archie Comics from my aunt and would spend summers reading and rereading the antics of the Riverdale kids. I also spent my summers riding to the little blue library in Beeton and picking up copies of Nancy Drew Mysteries.

Well, The CW Network has already taken the Riverdale kids for a dark and sexual ride and now they’re doing the same for Nancy Drew. And fans are not happy.

Here are some of the comments on the YouTube trailer for the new show:

Gary says: ” Ahh, the CW; a place where actors are told to focus on how good they look rather on their acting…”

Another user comments saying, ” “from the network that brought you riverdale” that’s not something to be proud of”

Highlighting the network’s penchant for making dark version of your childhood favourites, Denton says, “Eventually CW is gonna end up making a dark and grimy Scooby Doo show where Scooby is dead and the Mystery Machine is the Murder Machine”

Nana Twumwaa Pamago-Anane says, “Is CW trying to ruin all of our favourite books and comics??? I hope this is better than Riverdale and doesn’t just use character names from the source material.”

From the trailer, it really seems like The CW is simply taking the name you know and making something very different. This raises the question, why not just make something new? Well, Veronica Mars has already been made (thanks CanaAlyce)! And by taking the name Nancy Drew, they get your nostalgia and instant connection with a character you already ‘know’.

GeekyNerdTheatre also brings up an often heard- complain about a lot of remakes, especially Riverdale: “Stop👏Sexualizing👏female👏characters👏originally👏intended👏for👏child👏and👏pre-teen👏audiences👏”

I’m not against all remakes. Anne (CBC/Netflix), for instance, is somewhat ‘darker’ than the books and the well-loved movie versions. But, I think it’s an interesting interpretation.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think?