How to protect yourself while shopping online!

Stay Safe On Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday and according to a new survey, 94% of people will be shopping today!  Most of them while at work.  When asked, most people said they don’t care if their boss catches them trying to grab a deal online during office hours…

But while you’re shopping, make sure you keep yourself safe. IBM posted a bunch of tips to help make sure your identity doesn’t get stolen if you shop online today.

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t let websites save your information for future purchases. Your chances of being hacked go way up if you do. Sometimes websites get compromised and don’t know it for months. So it’s even risky with websites you think you can trust.

2. Be careful about emails that include coupon codes or links to deals. Especially if it’s from a website you’re not familiar with. And just to be safe, you should copy and paste any coupon codes into the actual website. Don’t click a link in your email to use them.

3. Never use your work email as your username on store websites. And you should never use the same password you use to SIGN IN to your work email. If the wrong person gets your work email AND password, your company could get hacked.

4. Look out for fake package-tracking emails over the next few weeks. Experts think there might be a flood of them next month. And if you click the links, hackers could get access to your computer or your financial info.