Cyber Monday Is Here!

Its the Superbowl of the Shopping Season!

Last Cyber Monday, Amazon Shipping out about 64 million items worldwide and processing 740 items each second. Mind Blown!

According to a new survey, Canadian’s are expected to overspend this holiday season. Putting Black Friday behind us now, we’re expected to purchase even more today on Cyber Monday!

According to the survey at, Canadian’s will spend about $1400 per person and of that, $653 will be gifts. We’re spending about $100 more than last year.

Of the $1400 we Canadian’s will spend, $653 will be on gifts, and $384 on holiday entertainment. $256 is spend on food and alcohol and $87 on decor…

While most Canadian’s feel stressed about spending, 35% say they try and find deals, but end up buying items at full price.