Cynthia Nixon’s “Be A Lady” Video Nails Contradictions Tossed At Women Every Day!

It's a must watch!

Sex and the City star, Cynthia Nixon teamed up with Girls Girls Girls Magazine to create a video titled “Be a Lady, They Said.”

It’s a powerful video that captures all the comments of contradictions lobbed at women daily.

In the spoken-word piece, Nixon reads prose-poetry by Camille Rainville that articulates the conflicting demands placed on women.

“Be a lady, they said. Your skirt is too short; your shirt is too low. Don’t show so much skin; cover up”– are just a few powerful opening words in the video that has already been since by millions since being released on Monday.

It’s worth 3 minutes of your time to appreciate that you have heard at least a few of these contradictions before….


Here’s the full text to “Be a Lady, They said.”