Daddy School Opens While Kids Are Off…

Introducing Daddy School!

A father in Massachusetts instituted his own kinda school while all schools in the United States are shut down for a few weeks.

As all Government funded Ontario schools are closed from March 14th to April 5th, this may be something worth trying.

Here’s how daddy school will go:

  • “Daddy School hours” are 9:00 a.m. to noon each day. We’ll sit at the dining room table. Are pajamas okay? I’m undecided. I may insist on your “sweatpants only” implied school uniform. Get some formality. Dress for success, they say.
  • Each afternoon, after Daddy School ends for the day, you’re mostly on your own. Read. Play with your gerbils. Draw. Board games.
  • “Gym” is 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day minimum, weather dependent, meaning you need to go outside. Shoot hoops. Ride your bikes. Complain and argue. The fresh air will do you good. Unless I’m misunderstanding how airborne this thing is.
  • If school is cancelled, organized sports, Girl Scouts, and karate will be cancelled. That means you’ll be stuck with each other. Hopefully you can play with friends in the afternoons. But I’m not sure yet if that’s a bad idea because of health concerns, or if it’s actually low risk and panicky, other parents will just freak out. We’ll ask mom.

    Each afternoon you’ll get your usual thirty minutes of recreational screen time. Because Daddy School each morning includes a bunch of educational videos we watch together, I don’t want to permit even more screen time in the afternoons on top of that.

  • So, our first order of business in Daddy School will be to read and discuss this study linking screen-time to lower psychological well-being.

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