Dale & Charlie help present a donation to Zach Makes Tracks at St. Gabe’s in Barrie!

Zach has almost reached his second goal of 25 thousand thanks to the kids at St. Gabe's in Barrie!

Zach wants to raise money and awareness for Kid’s Mental Health initiatives and he wants to ask our government to make sure that kid’s mental health needs are a PRIORITY!  This summer, Zach will be running from Barrie to Ottawa to ask out PM to do just that; make mental health a priority!

RVH Youth Mental Health?

Currently if you are a young person suffering with a mental illness in Simcoe Muskoka, you can’t get the comprehensive care you need in our region. 70 percent of mental health problems begin during childhood and yet in North Simcoe Muskoka only one in five young people receives the help they need. Most alarming about this gap in services is that sometimes young people are sent home or admitted, inappropriately, to inpatient adult psychiatric units.


Check out the pictures from this morning’s Assembly at St. Gabe’s!  The kids raised over $700 for Zach! Amazing!


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